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Management Team of Tourism Selangor

The management team of Tourism Selangor holds the responsibility to create cultures that people enjoy working in as well as maintaining responsibility for key business functions.

Azrul Shah Bin Mohamad

General Manager

The General Manager of Tourism Selangor plays a key role in helping to increase the contribution of tourism to Selangor’s economy. The GM provides strategic leadership to the development and implementation of the State’s strategy and action plans for tourism and works closely with a range of public and private sector stakeholders to ensure growth of the industry.

Mohammad Zaim Bin Mohammad Nashir

Finance & Administration Manager

Finance & Administration Department supports Tourism Selangor by being the backbone of the whole operation. They oversee financial services, performs risk management, handles human resource management, sensitive information management, ICT and procurement/contract services. The Department also takes care of Tourism Selangor’s financial and accounting, ensuring that the agency’s reports are properly audited and in compliant with Malaysia’s financial laws.

Ahmad Nazri Tashriq Bin Rahmat

Corporate Communication Manager

Corporate Communication Department has stewardship over Tourism Selangor’s corporate brand and its refinement. The department oversees the development and evolution of the marketing material and campaigns promoting Tourism Selangor. Key functions of the department include liaison with creative and media agencies, digital marketing agencies, campaign planning, promotion and development, public relations with destinations (products), image library management, and destination promotion content production.

Khuzaimah Binti Jamaluddin

Promotion & Industrial Development Manager

Promotion & Industrial Development Department spearheads the development of the Selangor tourism industry by analyzing statistics and providing strategies. The department relays Tourism Selangor’s corporate strategy and operational plans and is responsible for implementing Tourism Selangor’s marketing strategy in Malaysia. The Promotion and Industrial Development Department works with airlines, wholesalers, agents, Tourism Malaysia and Selangor tourism operators to communicate Selangor’s brand messages and plans to bring more visitors to Selangor. They expand to key international markets by adapting it to the local consumer insights and industry conditions.

Fadhirul Anuar Bin Salleh

Product & Package Development Manager

The Product & Package Development department’s primary task is to create public awareness of the various tourism products that the state has offer. This includes organising familiarization trips as well as coordinating CSR activities that support Tourism Selangor’s corporate social responsibility initiatives. The department also focuses on revenue generation initiatives that allow Tourism Selangor to further support product awareness. Aside from promotional and business development activities, the department also monitors the maintenance and administration of key tourism properties in the state namely: Kanching Eco Forest Park, Chongkak Park & Resort, and Sri Berkat Rest House.

Mohamad Faroul Mustaffa Bin Ngadamin

Event & Focus Tourism Manager

Events play an important role in tourism as they provide visitors with a specific reason to book their trip or extend a vacation. It provides a boost to the economy, adds pride and vibrancy, and raises the profile of the state of Selangor through media publicity. The Event & Focus Tourism Department develops, markets, promotes and sponsors a diverse calendar of events spanning sports, cultural, arts and culinary that showcases Selangor and its vast offerings as a great place to live, work and visit.

Halim Bin Hamdan

Corporate Strategic Manager

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Chua Yee Ling

Industrial Development Manager

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Cheong Ei Leen

Business Development Manager

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BUSINESS HOURS 8:30am – 5:30pm, Monday to Fridays | SUPPORT: +603-55132000 | EMAIL: info@tourismselangor.my

BUSINESS HOURS 8:30am – 5:30pm, Monday to Fridays | SUPPORT: +603-55132000 | EMAIL: info@tourismselangor.my